How to use it?

This can not be simpler!

Choose from EASY-PLAST 40 or 60 or directly use sticks to the colors.

Using the original logs, just follow the 3 steps below:

For more details on how to use EASY-PLAST, click here on the video presentation EASY-PLAST

The balls become clear in a few minutes, depending on the temperature of the water. Remove the balls of water (be careful with hot water) and you can start to mold an object with your fingers. You are ready to start your project.

At room temperature and depending on the volume, Easy-Plast will harden in 5-10 minutes.

Note that cold accelerates the curing speed. If your Easy-plast starts to harden before you’re ready, simply plunge Easy-plast in hot water so that it becomes clear… and voila! Ready to start over.

Easy-plast does not stick to your fingers.

If you want to color your Easy-plast: it is very easy!